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Grand Finale

Warsaw Grand Finale line-up announced

2017-12-11 14:16:40


Today we reveal the line-up of annual Grand Finale concert, which will take place in front of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. The day will begin with a massive warm-up before the runners taking part in the GOCC Run hit the route of the race, and concerts will follow suit! 

We love music and we think that our feeling is reciprocated - the bill of year's Grand Finale concert in Warsaw reminds us of Woodstock Festival Poland line-up. There are a few familiar names on the list:



The band has a unique sense of humour. They would play anything, for anyone and will make everyone enjoy their time - anywhere they are. We feel that this positive quartet is a perfect fit for the Grand Finale stage in Warsaw. 





Allan hails from Scotland, but he has made Warsaw his home. Since 2004 he has been making its musical mark on Poland - as a musician, producer, singer-songwriter and music manager. He is the mastermind behind "Poland...Why Not? show.





The band mixes humorous and serious lyrics with some good quality rock music. The band is best seen live when they are able to establish a great rapport with the audience, which enjoys their performances from the very first chord to the very last beat. They have taken the Second Stage at Woodstock Festival Poland by storm this year! 





Bethel plays sun-infused music, mixing reggae with roots reggae and ska. Thanks to heavier beats characteristic of raggamuffin genre their music gains more power and strength. The band's positivity is infectious and their concerts become a trip to the land of optimism and happiness. With over 450 concerts on their resume, the band will easily attract the attention of the audience at Viva Kultura Tent Stage.





They are the legends of Polish rock music scene. The honed musicians perfectly blend rock with aggressive punk chords and metal rock. The band is known for provocative, straight-off-the-bat lyrics and no-nonsense approach to their performances. The musicians have 20 years of experience in the industry and they are only getting better with time! 





Woźniak made is debut in the late 1960s and since that time he has been an influential figure in Polish music industry. The singer-songwriter and guitarist is well known and loved both by young and old members of the audience.  





Mesajah is a man of many talents: he is a vocalist, lyricist, producer, and a composer. He released his debut album, “Ludzie Prości” in 2008 and embarked on his musical journey. The album came as a surprise of sorts, with its vibrant and very original take on reggae, dancehall, dub, and hip-hop. The album turned out to be a hit – it garnered a lot of attention from reggae fans and critics. It even spiked a lot of media interest, and the first single, promoting the release “Każdego dnia” is still well-known and loved number. 





There is really no need to introduce Jelonek to the audience in Poland. This solo project, created by virtuoso violinist Michał Jelonek, is all about instrumental music with a strong emphasis on string instruments such as violins and cellos, which are often offset by powerful rock-inspired drums and guitars. Jelonek is known for his re-imagining of classical music, giving new, contemporary twist to pieces by Chopin, Paganini, Rossini or Vivaldi. 





There's metal and there's Nocny Kochanek's brand of metal. The band flawlessly mixes music, inspired by achievements of best metal collectives such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween, or Black Sabbath with humorous lyrics and cheeky attitudes. The audience loves their no holds barred approach to music and the band has a very devout fan following, so the atmosphere in front of the Main Stage at Woodstock Festival Poland will be filled with some positive energy!   





It all has begun with „Son Of The Blue Sky”. The year was 1992 and the entire country was humming songs from Wilki’s debut album. Their name translates as wolves and the title of their first release, which celebrates its 25th anniversary brought about such hits like: “Son Of The Blue Sky”, “Aborygen”, and “Eli Lama Sabachtani”. The album turned platinum in no time and the band began a 3-year tour only to take a long break. The band reunited in 2002 and released the album titled “4”, which has sold thousands of copies. Singles “Baśka” and “Urke” were no one-hit wonders. The band withstood the test of time thanks to their ability to blend harder rock sounds with softer, pop-inspired music. 




Coma’s sound and their constant creative reaching for new heights is a perfect example of how a band should grow and re-invent itself in order to stay relevant. Once a purely rock-and-roll outfit, the musicians grew and became something quite unique on Polish music scene. The band has played 2 concerts at Woodstock, and their performance at the Grand Finale will be something to cherish. 




Another legendary band in Grand Finale concert. Kobranocka has been active in the Polish music scene for 25 years, and they are as relentless and true to the spirit of rock-and-roll and freedom as ever! 





They were made to play live. Their creative process always begins with their live stage performances and time spent in the recording studio is just an afterthought. They are renowned for their energetic gigs, having developed their signature sound which blends Slavic roots with intergalactic flare. Their music is growing and evolving all the time, and their cryptic lyrics, written by Paprodziad, often need to be deciphered by the listeners. 




The band's members are all radio personalities - presenters, broadcasters, journalists, and music DJs, who have decided to form a cheeky music project. With humorous, and sometimes very politically incorrect lyrics set to pleasant pop-rock tunes, they have quickly become fan favourites. 



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