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Most Touching Moments of the Grand Finale 2021

2021-02-04 15:37:15


The 29th edition of our charitable collection took place in entirely different. Circumstances, with pandemic restrictions in full force in Poland and across the world, but one thing remained unchanged - the atmosphere of celebration, feeling of hope, and community spirit bringing people from different walks together. The common goal is to show support to the most vulnerable patients at paediatric hospitals and build a strong, responsible society that works to care for each other. 

We want to cast our thoughts back to some of the most touching stories, which emerged as the Grand Finale day unfolded. 


◉ Down The Road Crew visits the Grand Finale studio. 

We traditionally welcome guests at our studio. We want to make our show as vibrant and inclusive as possible - we invite celebrities, activists, influencers, and people whose spirit, work, and commitment to their goal captured our attention. This year, we welcomed the crew of hit TV show Down The Road. You can participate in their charity auction and win a chance to spend the day with the crew and their driver, Przemek Kossakowski. 


Ekipa "Down The Road" na 29. Finale WOŚP, fot. Stanisław Wadas


◉ The youngest volunteers show that our future is bright. 

One of the most beautiful elements of our fundraiser is its educational factor. It's a great opportunity to teach young people that taking time to volunteer and help can be fun, enriching activity. Each year we see that many very young kids take part in our fundraiser - as a part of the initiative of their teachers, schools, parents or - completely at their own volition. It's wonderful to see young people engaged in voluntary service! 

◉ Stories behind your eCollection Boxes 

Grand Finale is made by the people who take part in the fundraising initiative, and our collection is a beautiful medley of individual stories of social engagement, strength, and creativity. You could run your very own digital collection, and 120 000 eCollection Boxes each told an individual story of your commitment. Some of the stories of individual desire to help out were told by our oldest volunteer, the nonagenarian Anna, who moved to the UK and became an Instagram influencer. Another great story was told by Paweł, who toured Poland by bike, while still raising funds in aid of our charity. 


◉ Words of support and friendship. 

We are exactly as strong as the support of our friends is. We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we see your messages of support, we see your greetings and we know that we feel your support. Thank you and let's keep on rolling! 


◉ Your association with GOCC. 

We took a chance to ask you what you associate with our activity. What qualities and what values stand out to you? It seems that the overwhelming majority of the associations are positive, referring to emotions closely linked to that of love, friendship, and companionship. 



◉ Beautiful and non-intrusive fireworks display.  

We traditionally light up the sky with a beautiful fireworks display, but in recent years we began looking for a solution, which would not cause much noise pollution for the sake of people with hearing sensitivities and well as free-living birds, animals and home pets. The subdued display did not fail to impress nonetheless. 


Światełko do Nieba na Placu Defilad. Fot. Bartosz Kochanowski


◉ A spectacular preliminary result of the Grand Finale collection. 

When we bid each-other goodbye at midnight, we announced that the preliminary result of the collection - PLN 127 495 626. The Grand Finale result will be recounted and verified by our banking partners. 


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