We raised
224 376 706 
30th Grand Finale

See the Light! We buy equipment for children's ophthalmology.


We raised 224 376 706,35 PLN (47 719 418,62 EUR) at the 30th Grand Finale. 


We play - as in fundraising - to ensure the best standards of diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases and disorders in children. In addition, we want to focus on providing the latest and most modern equipment to hospitals and clinics nationwide - from the most sophisticated surgical equipment for specialized departments to medical devices for smaller eye clinics located all around the country. 

Grand Finale fundraiser is a one-day public charitable collection. Apart from the one-day fundraising drive, the events related to the Grand Finale can span a couple of weeks - the fundraising events and various online fundraising challenges and initiatives begin as early as the beginning of December. 


Vision is considered the leading sense when it comes to a child's development. We rely on sight as the dominant sense, and any problems related to the sense of sight can hinder a child's development and prevent them from discovering the world at the same pace as their peers. Quick and precise diagnosis is a crucial factor for successful treatment of eyesight. Correct diagnosis is impossible without modern medical devices and appropriate training, so our charity - having consulted with doctors and leading ophthalmologists - decided to make children's eye diseases and disorders the focus of the upcoming fundraiser. 


As each Grand Finale fundraiser has a medical objective, we always base our decisions on thorough research. As a result, we have found out that children with eye diseases and disorders are treated in 25 medical centres located in 17 cities across the country. There are also clinics specializing in treating children's sight, which is the first point of contact for children and parents seeking medical advice. Annually, a couple of thousand young patients are admitted to hospitals due to severe eyesight issues. Doctors help children with deteriorating eyesight, glaucoma, cataracts, various mechanical injuries, birth and developmental defects and cancer. Many of these diseases and defects require complex surgical treatment, and in 2019 alone, there were 650 pediatric eyesight surgeries performed nationwide. In addition, 25% of all surgeries focused on tumour removal. We want to improve how hospitals and clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices. What is more, we want to establish and provide a training centre for doctors, where they will be able to practice new treatment methods and solutions. 


2022-09-06 12:49:50

We are racing for a higher cause!

This year, for the third time, we took part in the Westminister Charity Race at Tor Służewiec galloping for a higher good!