Preliminary fundraiser result: 92 143 798 PLN
We have already raised:
92 143 798 PLN
Most Generous Donors

Most precious lots

Golden Hearts and Golden SIM Cards

Sometimes our donors decide to donate pieces of jewellery such as engagement rings or golden wedding bands. All these precious items have significant sentimental value and they are carefully melted by the National Mint of Poland to create priceless golden pins, which are then auctioned off by the Collection Centres locally and at the studio on the day of the Grand Finale.

Millions of viewers tune in to watch the broadcast on TV and online. The entire sum fetched by the Golden Hearts and Golden Cards goes towards the aim of the Grand Finale. These valuable lots can fetch hundreds of thousands of PLN and are precious collection items. 


Złote Serduszko 26. Finału WOŚP


Złota Karta PLAY 26. Finału WOŚP


We would like to thank everyone for their generous support: 


2019-01-29 12:34:49

We reached preliminary amount benchmark!

Each year we finish the day of the Grand Finale fundraiser with a preliminary amount of money we collected in aid of our charity. The sum is preliminary because it is based on the estimated amount raised by our volunteers, our online auctions and other means of support.

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