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Record-breaking fundraiser!

2018-03-13 10:08:15

 Without any further ado, at the 26th Grand Finale charitable collection we have raised:

126 373 804,34 PLN ( 30 248 164 EUR – according to 28.02 exchange rate)

We could not believe our eyes when we checked our bank balance! It was obvious from day one – the day of the fundraiser – that together with all our friends in Poland and abroad we have set another record in solidarity, togetherness and we surprised the world yet again! What happened on that day is a lesson in civil society. It warms our hearts and it gives so much faith in the sensitivity and sensibility of Poles. No-one expected this result! People, you are the best, we love you! Thank you for your trust. We bow down to you for your generosity, and we promise, like we always do, to spend the money wisely in order to help save lives of children in Polish hospitals, says Jurek Owsiak, chairman of the Board of the Foundation


26th Grand Finale fundraiser took place on January 14th, 2018. The aim of this nationwide and international charitable collection was to  26th Grand Finale fundraiser took place on January 14th, 2018. The aim of this nationwide and international charitable collection was to raise money to purchase equipment necessary to ensure that all babies born in Poland have the same access to medical care, regardless of where in Poland they have been born.

This year, there were 1700 local Collection Centres coordinating the public charitable collection nationwide and internationally. There were 120 000 volunteers involved in the fundraising drive in thousands of locations globally. The day of the Grand Finale was a great example of civil society and a proof that a grass-roots initiative has a lasting power to transform the way that the world looks.

The amount raised at the Grand Finale is made out of different sums: public charitable collection (71 177 112,70 PLN), other donations – including but not limited to online donations (54 543 011, 44 PLN) and medical equipment donated in aid of charity (653 680, 20 PLN).

The money raised at the 26th Grand Finale collection will go towards the purchase of equipment for neonatological wards at public hospitals in Poland. We aim to purchase, among many other devices: incubators, non-invasive ventilation systems, infusion pumps and diagnostic equipment: ultrasonography scanners and pulse oximeters.


Our foundation has raised funds in support of neonatological wards seven times. We have donated 3 844 pieces of equipment, worth 121 909 333, 39 PLN. Parents can now rely upon 1160 incubators, 367 resuscitation stands and 344 cardiac monitors – among many other devices. The funds will also be used to run its medical and educational initiatives.

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is one of the biggest and most established charity organizations in Poland. The Foundation’s aim is to improve the conditions of Polish public hospitals. The GOCC charity has purchased equipment worth over 825 million PLN and donated it to paediatric and geriatric wards nationwide.


photo: L. Lewandowska

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