At 29th Grand Finale we raised
210 813 830 PLN
12th GOCC Run

to Get Even with Diabetes and learn CPR!



The 5-K run is an important element of the Grand Finale celebrations. Previously held in aid of raising diabetes awareness, and with the proceeds from the sale of starter packs going for the purchase of insulin pumps, it has gained popularity among runners. This year, we decided to devote a part of the proceeds to support first aid education in Poland as well as purchase insulin pumps for pregnant women with diabetes

The run will take place on Sunday, January the 14th, 2018. As usual, 5000 runners will take part in a 5K race across Warsaw, while similar initiatives will take place across the country. You can register and purchase your starter pack for the Warsaw race online.  

The most memorable image of the event is that of the runners in orange T-shirts taking to the streets of winter Warsaw, but this family-friendly event is held in different towns in the country. Different towns hold different iterations of the event, with Nordic walking competitions being the most popular among the participants. 

You can check where else in Poland you can race for charity - the map is continuously updated! 




2021-04-28 16:09:30

377 Medical Devices for Children's Surgery

We bought medical devices for over PLN 40 000 000. After two days of negotiations, 377 medical devices for children's surgery wards will be donated to 65 hospitals in 51 towns in Poland.