Concert in Warsaw

Rockin' the Crowd at Parade Square


The annual Grand Finale concert will take place in front of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. The day's activities will begin with a massive warm-up before the runners taking part in the GOCC Run hit the route of the race, and concerts will follow suit! 

We love music and we think that our feeling is reciprocated - the bill of year's Grand Finale concert in Warsaw reminds us of Woodstock Festival Poland line-up. There are a few familiar names on the list: 


26th Grand Finale Spotify Playlist


Activities and attractions on Parade Square in Warsaw: 

  • Play invites everyone to enjoy the view of Warsaw from the tallest Ferris Wheel in Poland! The attraction launches on Saturday and it will be open from 12 to 8 PM over the weekend. Take a free ride on a 40-meter ride! 


  •  eCollection Box from Mastercard - for those always looking for spare change to donate, our friends from Mastercard prepared a digital Collection Box. Use your card to donate and see your donation spark a star on a huge digital screen. 


  • Polish Comic Book Association - you will get to meet the leading Polish comic book artists. You can also receive a unique drawing by your favourite comic book artist in exchange for a donation into the Collection Box! 


  • Chefs Club - invites you to taste delicious (and hot!) soup. 


  • Polish Mint Tent - you will be able to get a memorial coin of 26th Grand Finale minted on the spot! 


Tent in front of the Studio

  • Kocham Polskę Foundation 
  • Candy Manufacture


Runner's Zone

  • massage therapy
  • ECG monitors 
  • sugar monitors