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26 195 451 PLN
Concert in Warsaw

Charitable event in Warsaw

Join us in Warsaw! 


  • 13:35 – Warm-up before the Get Even with Diabetes
  • 13:55 – Get Even with Diabetes Run start
  • 14:00 – Zumba
  • 14:30 – The Sixpounder
  • 15:00 – HLA4TRANSPLANT
  • 15:30 – Snowman
  • 16:00 – Hope
  • 16:35 – Carrantuohill
  • 17:10 – Tabu
  • 17:45 – Booze & Glory
  • 18:20 – Witek Muzyk Ulicy
  • 18:55 – Margaret
  • 19:30 – Zalewski
  • 20:00 – Światełko do nieba 
  • 20:05 – Lao Che
  • 20:40 – Bokka
  • 21:10 – Dr Misio 
  • 21:40 – Nocny Kochanek


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Parade Square

  • Play Zone – check out what’s waiting for you in Play zone next to the Palace of Culture and Science! Play’s with us January 12th and 13th between 12:00-20:30. Check out the Ferris wheel, contests with great prizes and meeting with YouTubers! Read more here.


  • Mastercard zone – if you’re wondering how much time is left for the “Light to the Sky” display or what the weather will be like, you can look at Mastercard® multimedia tower. Today you will also see how much were able to raise with eSkarbonka, Twitter #MastercardGrazWosp action or with the terminals. Find volunteers from Mastercard® Collection Centre and receive sweet thank-you along with the heart sticker. And before 20:00 start the countdown along with Mastercard® for the unique display of the “Light to the Sky”!


  • Onet zone – look for the yellow tent right next to the main stage, to experience photobooth – not only get your photo, but also see yourself on Onet telebim! It also shows Onet’s charitable auctions for this year Grand Finale. And if you’re cold, visit them for warm tea and coffee.


  • mBank zone – welcome to the mBank zone on Parade Square! In festive atmosphere you will be able to check the rhythm of your heart that is beating for GOCC, make photos, get great gifts and make a donation using your card. There will also be live streem from mBank zone, featuring a game with Hubert Urbański, Michał Piróg and Cezary Pazura. Viewers will be able to vote and choose challenges for our heroes, and decide what will happen next! Moreover, Polish Youtuber Karol Paciorek will run interviews with guests of the zone and DJ Daaz, Red Bull Thre3Style contest finalist, will keep you in great mood with music! Stay with us that day! More information here


  • Allegro zone – come to the Palace of Culture and Science and meet Filip Chajzer and his special guests – they will tell you all about their GOCC auctions. Check out VW Golf from PolAndRock Festival. Use our gif booth and play with us! Allegro for GOCC!


  • CPR for Schools Programme – come to our tent and visit 4 zones. Learn with our Instructors, learn in virtual reality, play First Aid game and challenge yourself with coloring books! There’s also a wall for photos – we play until 19:00 on Saturday and Sunday!


  • DAWTONA zone – come to Dawtona zone, donate and try some hot beetroot soup! Use our special photo booth for some great memories.


  • Dorigami – learn more about this paper-folding art during exceptional origami workshops. Everybods’s welcome, no matter how old or skillful you are! We will make paper butterflies for auctions for GOCC.


  • Win against HPV – test your blood for HPV virus and prevent hepatitis type C complications, leading even to cancer! Give us your hand for simple blood test and save your life!


  • SiemaShop – visit us until 22:00 on the day of the Grand Finale and get unique products! Don’t wait until we’re out of stock!


  • Candy Manufacture – donate to our Collection Box and take part in lollipops handmaking workshops! Giant lollipop and vintage Jaguar E-Type are waiting for the photo with you!


  • Kemon – supporting GOCC for the 14th time. Check out their two zones, in which they will style your hair, as it is already a tradition for them!


  • FlixBus – travel with FlixBus! Look for red bus with GOCC heart on it and get discounts for fairs. We’re going to the end of the world and 1 kilometer further!


  • Blikle – Look for Blikle bakery booth in Festival Town near the Palace of Culture and Science. The brand Ambassadors will gift you with exquisite rose-filling donaughts all through the day! Blikle also supports our volunteers in Collections Centres, with 14 000 of donaughts for Warsaw only, and amazing “From the Heart” cake for other cities!


  • Znany Lekarz – Know your doctor! Clinic DAMIANA opens their facility during the Finale! Check out the list of doctors and the operating hours here


  • Polish Mint – Visit Polish Mint’s booth and get specially made for this occasion unique copper coins and cups for the 27th Grand Finale! The booth will be open on Sunday until 20:00.
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