Days until 29th Grand Finale
111 dni
2020-01-11 21:33:47

Kicking off the Grand Finale with a Record

It's Saturday evening, and we still have hours to go before the Grand Finale fundraiser... and we already raised PLN 11 850 688! It's PLN 1 700 000 more than last year. We are beginning like we mean to go on.
2018-12-27 15:56:09

Multikino is Grand Finale 2019 partner

The multiplex chain Multikino will welcome our volunteers on the day of the Grand Finale in 32 locations across the country.
2018-01-16 15:22:31

Top 5 Interesting music-themed things you can buy at a charitable auction

If you're looking to buy something, click here. Maybe you can do that and support our noble cause :)
2018-01-09 16:36:24

Support the charity on mobile and online

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation aims to stay ahead of the technological curve, utilizing modern technologies and solutions to make fundraising easier and more fun for donors. We rely on Atende S.A. to help us get our message across.
2017-01-27 13:23:06

No time to waste - fundraiser is still going on!

Didn't make it to the Grand Finale and never got to drop your spare change into the Collection Box? Never managed to donate on-line or text in support of our charity? No worries, there are still some ways to help raise money for public hospitals in Poland!
2017-01-17 13:36:56

Charity Extravaganza & 50% Online Growth!

62 million PLN, and counting is the result of this year's annual charity fundraiser. Our website became an Internet hotspot for the night and making sure that the traffic flowed without any hindrance was a very important part of our success.
2017-01-14 17:05:38

Join our cause and support the GOCC!

It is thanks to you - our dear donators and valorous volunteers - that the GOCC Foundation could fulfil its statutory goals for the last 25 years! Every penny, cent and grosz helps, so if you're looking to make a donation or help us in a non-financial way, click here to learn how to do that in the most convenient way :)
2017-01-14 15:30:04

Find us on the Internet!

Do you want to follow us on the internet or social media ? It's never been easier!
2017-01-13 17:13:47

Transferring Money from Abroad

Near or far - you can support the work we do for by sending us a quick and easy money transfer. All payments made in aid of the fundraiser are free of any additional chargers.
2017-01-13 17:59:34

Atman Plays Again

Atma is the biggest "factory of the Internet in the country" and it comes in aid of the Grand Finale fundraiser again. They come bearing gifts - gifts of Internet connection.
2017-01-13 18:24:57

Instagram Hearts The GOCC

Show your selfless selfie in aid of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Download indaHash app and join our charitable campaign online!
2017-01-14 12:17:56

DRONES Poland will record "Light to the Heavens"

Drone enthusiasts playing with us for the first time will be recording fireworks, fire dancers and any light you can imagine - tomorrow 9PM GMT all over Poland

Patience, we are downloading content