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2023-05-24 21:00:00

Equipment for the fight against sepsis

The GOCC Foundation has just completed the three-day-long 66th Open Tender held to buy medical equipment for the fight against sepsis. The Foundation spent a record-breaking amount of PLN 168 million!
2023-05-18 15:03:23

The biggest Open Tender in the history of the GOCC

On 22 May – nearly 4 months after the January fundraiser and 2 months after revealing the final result of the collection – the GOCC Foundation commences the 66th Open Tender to buy medical equipment for 169 laboratories across the country. The stakes are high!
2023-05-09 10:20:34

Today we celebrate the Ophthalmology Day

On 9 May in Poland, we celebrate the Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmology Day – a very special date for the GOCC Foundation. Since 2001 we have run the Prevention of Retinopathy of Prematurity Programme!
2023-04-30 11:10:11

Telling Teddy Bear’s Tale

Today we observe the World Spank Out Day (No-hitting, no-smacking, no-spanking day for children) promoted by the American EPOCH (End Physical Punishment of Children) organization, annually. It has been 20 years since the GOCC Foundation initiated the Teddy’s Tale – Don’t hurt me, love me! action aimed at raising the awareness among adults and children on the harmful effects of corporal punishments of the underage.
2023-04-08 12:00:00

Happy Easter 2023!

Best wishes to all our amazing volunteers! Stay healthy, and spread the good around the world!
2023-04-07 12:47:46

World Health Day 2023!

Today, 7 April, we celebrate the World Health Day! A matter of top priority to our GOCC Foundation. For over 30 years, we have been acting to support the public healthcare system - we purchase medical equipment for hospitals and run nationwide medical programmes. And we strongly encourage you to look after your health every day!
2023-04-04 18:45:00

More equipment for children's eye medicine purchased

On 4 April 2023, the GOCC Foundation held the first Open Tender this year. This time, the equipment was purchased i.a. to support the children's eye medicine. Devices for nearly PLN 17,058,238.40 will be delivered to 75 facilities in 56 cities.
2023-03-31 12:35:00

Over PLN 240 million to fight sepsis

Today, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity summarized the 31st Grand Finale organized all around the world by the GOCC Collection Centres. The final result of the fundraiser summed up to PLN 243,259,389.25 (EUR 52,028,528.98).
2023-03-02 16:00:00

Our 30th anniversary!

We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of registering our Foundation. Can you believe it? The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation was registered exactly on 2 March 1993.
2023-02-17 16:00:00

We have reached the declared amount of the fundraiser!

PLN 154,606,764 – it was the declared amount of the 31st Grand Finale fundraiser at the end of the day. This afternoon, we have reached a total of PLN 158,077,563, and we still keep on counting the money raised! The final result will be announced on 31 March 2023.
2023-01-30 00:40:00

Preliminary results of the 31st Grand Finale

The orchestra quiets down, the conductor puts down his baton and walks off-stage. The Grand Finale has come to an end. Thank you! See the summary of this beautiful day!
2023-01-29 20:05:00

A new face of an old tradition – Light to the Sky

This year's Light to the Sky took on a new, beautiful and less explosive version.
2023-01-29 18:00:00

The 31st Grand Finale continues!

Check out what is going on in the main studio and on the concert stage.
2023-01-29 16:18:20

Global explosion of joy

It was all orchestrated! The explosion of joy has stormed our planet this weekend.
2023-01-29 15:50:41

GOCC auctions never fail to impress!

Check out the funniest, weirdest, and most viral Grand Finale auctions listed on the Allegro platform!
2023-01-29 13:00:20

GOCC volunteers on the run for charity

A crowd of 5,000 participants runs through the streets of Warsaw right now. It is one of the most spectacular moments of the 31st Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

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